Going out to Colliers Land

Sarah Jane Butler revisits a mythic spot of family legend, a place connecting past and present through a spot of land by the side of the Medway. You can come and hear more about her Slow Medway project at our September symposium – it’s going to be a very special couple of days of conversationContinue reading Going out to Colliers Land

Becoming Part of the Spirit of a Place

Sharron Kraus reflects on what makes a place an essential element of who you are. This is the fourth blog post we’re sharing in the lead-up to our Talking Place symposium in September – book your ticket to hear more of the wonderful conversations we’ll be hosting on the 9th and 10th of September. AsContinue reading “Becoming Part of the Spirit of a Place”

A View of Gallows Down

Our third blogpost leading up to the Talking Place symposium comes from Wainwright Prize-shortlisted author Nicola Chester, and reflects on the physical presence of the hill, Gallows Down, in the landscape around her home Place and creativity is of great importance to me – because the very thought of the two interacting encompasses all the potency, nuances, difficultiesContinue reading “A View of Gallows Down”

Women Walking

As the first in a series of blogposts introducing the panels at our September symposium Talking Place, Anna Chilvers thinks about what walking means to her. When you have a dog and no garden, the first thing you have to do every morning is take the dog out. It doesn’t matter about the weather orContinue reading “Women Walking”