Going out to Colliers Land

Sarah Jane Butler revisits a mythic spot of family legend, a place connecting past and present through a spot of land by the side of the Medway. You can come and hear more about her Slow Medway project at our September symposium – it’s going to be a very special couple of days of conversationContinue reading Going out to Colliers Land

Becoming Part of the Spirit of a Place

Sharron Kraus reflects on what makes a place an essential element of who you are. This is the fourth blog post we’re sharing in the lead-up to our Talking Place symposium in September – book your ticket to hear more of the wonderful conversations we’ll be hosting on the 9th and 10th of September. AsContinue reading “Becoming Part of the Spirit of a Place”

A View of Gallows Down

Our third blogpost leading up to the Talking Place symposium comes from Wainwright Prize-shortlisted author Nicola Chester, and reflects on the physical presence of the hill, Gallows Down, in the landscape around her home Place and creativity is of great importance to me – because the very thought of the two interacting encompasses all the potency, nuances, difficultiesContinue reading “A View of Gallows Down”

Talking Place: a symposium

Friday 9 September, 2022 Manchester Metropolitan University @ The International Anthony Burgess Foundation   Call for papers Is place central to your work, your creativity, or your understanding? This symposium, organised by WomenTalkPlace and supported by the Centre for Place Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, will provide a platform for conversations between those who findContinue reading “Talking Place: a symposium”