The Spirit of Place

Panelists Jess Edwards (chair) Professor Jess Edwards is the Head of the Department of English at Manchester Metropolitan University. His main areas of interest are both the literary aspects of geography and the geographic aspects of literature, with his early published research concerned with the early modern period when a recognisably ‘modern’ cartography first emerged.Continue reading “The Spirit of Place”

Different Ways to Access Space

Panelists Sarah Butler (chair) Sarah is a novelist, with an accompanying practice in socially-engaged, place-specific writing. Fascinated by the relationships between stories, places and communities, her work explores identity, belonging, landscape and home. She has a particular interest in urban spaces and urban change, and is one quarter of Women Talk Place. Julia Webb-Harvey JuliaContinue reading “Different Ways to Access Space”

Language and Belonging

Panelists Emma Dawson Varughese (chair) Emma Dawson Varughese is a Staffordshire Moorlands artist. She grew up surrounded by fire-making, woodworkers and a couple of generations of ‘makers’. Her creative practice ‘Aag’ (Hindi: fire) uses pyrography and decorative metalware on tree sections or on wood pieces. With a PhD in literary studies (Nottingham, 2007), her workContinue reading “Language and Belonging”