WomenTalkPlace Talk Books: A Good Place-Read

Our first event, on March 24th, is all about the books we love because of their sense of place. Come and join us as we discuss how three very different novels use the power of their location to grab us and hold us.

Sarah Butler introduces her choice of a good place-read:

A beautiful meditation on a lost home. Danny and Maeve are ousted from their family home by their step mother after their father unexpectedly dies. This loss (and the earlier loss of their mother) becomes a central focus and driver for their future lives and decisions. Patchett explores nostalgia; grief; family; storytelling; and what it means to have and to lose and to re-find a sense of home. 

Book your ticket here, and watch out for the details of the books chosen by Anna Chilvers and Sarah Jasmon. Helen Mort will be leading the conversation on the night. The event starts at 19.30, and tickets are free.


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